1. What are the advantages of Digital Marine Cargo Insurance Certificate?

The content of the certificate is easy to verify and can be shared with all stakeholders

2. Why T-DIS is using block-chain?

Block-chain is used essentially for security of the data and transparency for the involved stakeholders

3. What all services are available in the T-DIS platform?

Online Certificate Generation, Support Multiple Languages, Vessel Screening powered by IHS, Compliance Screening, Accounting and Policy Management.

4. How does the Licensing work and what are the options?

We have two Licensing options SaaS & On-Premises. The cost truly depends on no. of users & transactions required. Please reach out to us through contact us for more detail

5. What is the difference between SaaS & On-premises License?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is maintained, supported and hosted by T-DIS whereas On-Premises is hosted by yourself, however maintenance & support is available from T-DIS

6. Can I switch from SaaS to On-Premises and On-premises to SaaS if I ever change mind?

Yes, within the first year you can switch from SaaS to On-Premises and the already SaaS fee can be adjusted for the licensing cost of On-Premises. It is not possible to switch from On-Premises to SaaS.

7. How is my data backed up in SaaS model?

T-DIS have a cloud-based backup strategy which backs-up the data every 24hrs in a different cloud location

8. Will my data save in same database with your other clients in the SaaS model?

No, every client has separate database which is running completely on an individual cloud instance

9. Can the platform be customized to match corporate identity?

Yes, it is possible we are offering this service at a fixed price.