Certificate Generation

A sophisticated rules engine with compliance screening as per industry regulations. Every parameter is screened and checked for conformity to the agreed norms.

Certificate Verification

All certificates generated from TDIS have a unique QR code with a corresponding certificate pdf file encrypted in it. This can be used by pre financing banks to make sure it is a genuine certificate.

Policy management

Administrator has full control on open policy, where a policy can be created and managed based on the regulations as per the agreement with the client.

Claims Management

Claims can be managed directly by the Clients/insured using TDIS. The entire process of claims is handled and managed within the platform including surveys, claim handling and deductible calculation.


This feature has full length accounting functionality inclusive of invoicing, statements and export of data into excel whenever needed to account for all business operation and accounting needs.


Clients can assert their storage periodically to insure their warehouse and commodities. All Storage declaration will be checked for compliance and accepted by platform accordingly.

User management

The User Management module can be programmed intricately per the business needs with the required roles and permissions to all modules by the Administrator. Hierarchisation of roles and permissions allows the business to maintain its security and ease the flow of operations.

Data privacy & security

The certificates generated in TDIS are stored in IBM hyper ledger block chain network and are only shared with the parties who are involved in the transaction. This guarantees the reliability of the transactional data.

Compliance screening

The platform screens various parameters depending on the insurer or underwriter requirement. Some of them are Vessels, Sanctions , war and strike etc 

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