How TDIS is different from others?

Marine Cargo Insurance is one of the oldest and most lucrative insurance business in the world. Considering the market share, penetration of technology and other development to this industry is negligible. Due to the hideous process followed by the industry for generating a certificate, a lot of miscommunication and human error can occur which ends up in an incorrect certificate with a lot of potential catastrophe for all the stakeholders.

TDIS is an organization who want to make a difference in the way the Marine Cargo Insurance Industry works today. Time is the most valuable resource followed by money, TDIS developed a system which can automate the entire marine cargo insurance process and cut down the time from days to few minutes. This is done with the help of advanced technologies without compromising the data security and by respecting the user’s concern on data privacy. Our advanced rules algorithm checks all the critical criteria the client has to fulfill before generating an insurance certificate, and this is done with accuracy which makes no chance for an error/mistake, unlike the conventional method.